Collaboration in oil and gas: a game changer

In today’s environment, the traditional industry message is that ‘the easy oil is long gone’, and new discoveries are more complex and harder to reach than ever before. Within this context, the global oil and gas sector is becoming increasingly focused on optimising existing asset performance. We believe that one way this can be achieved is by generating a holistic view of operations, from the wellbore to the refinery.

The overarching benefit to this approach is that it provides the basis for operational risk, cost maintenance and repair decisions to be focused in the right places, to maximum effect. Enterprise-wide collaboration is not a new concept. However, few organisations currently possess the capability to generate a true enterprise-wide view of operations.

At Wood Group Intetech, we have always believed that technology is a great enabler of collaboration – especially when it comes to data evaluation for business intelligence. The teaming of the right technologies can offer an all-encompassing and consistent view of organisational and operational risk, and shine a spotlight on the elements that matter.

Technology innovation will of course remain crucial, however it is the effective application of those technologies and subsequent data capture and analysis that form the first steps towards staying proactive and pre-empting potential issues in their earliest stages.

A growing number of firms are gathering valuable business intelligence from mining the vast volumes of data generated by their operational processes and systems. However, much of this activity remains isolated. In sharing such data organisation-wide, the benefits suddenly become much greater.

This approach of ‘joined up operations’ leads to ‘joined up thinking’, enabling coherent investment decisions to be achieved across the lifecycle of oil and gas operations – from well operations to pipelines, offshore structures and onshore facilities. As a result, the entire organisation is geared towards ensuring that critical assets have the attention they need to debottleneck the system and optimise production flows.

Joined up thinking across assets and global activities generates maximum return from the information and resources at an organisation’s disposal. This means everyone within the enterprise is looking at the same data and contributing to a single view of the business. It’s a positive way to drive maximum value from the significant resources invested in the gathering, storage and analysis of data, helping to ensure that organisational decisions are underpinned by a single source of truth.

This week we’re running a collaboration campaign on social media to celebrate the benefits of sharing information and what it can offer to companies that are willing to collaborate. Each day we will share an example in history where collaboration and shared thinking has been both successful and influential. We want to highlight the importance of collaboration and show how it has already been, and more importantly why it will continue to be, a serious game changer in business – especially for companies in the oil and gas industry.

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