New version of ECE® 5 corrosion software released

At the heart of Wood Group Intetech's renowned Electronic Corrosion Engineer (ECE®) software tool is a proven model for corrosion analysis and material selection in oil and gas production environments, which forms the basis of corrosion analysis and material selection for projects across the world. The model is continuously calibrated based on flowline and downhole-tubing inspection data.

ECE® Version 5.3 represents the next step in our programme of development and continual improvement. New or significantly revised features in version 5.3 include:

  • An exciting new multi-stream bulk calculation function in the flowlines module.
    • Save time by uploading calculations for multiple streams via a validated spreadsheet.
    • Export results straight back to spreadsheet format.
  • Improved corrosion predictor reports
    • Summary & full report options
    • Chloride & corrosion pitting rating now reported.
  • 6Mo super-austenitic stainless steel added to flowlines alloy evaluator. View the suitability of this material based on ECE® and ISO 15156-3 rules.
  • Increased chloride range in the CRA Evaluator tools.
  • And many improvements in other features and Help functionality.

  • Visit the download page or contact us for further detail.