We have performed corrosion analysis and tubing-material selection for projects in Abu Dhabi, Qatar, Syria, Libya, Indonesia, Malaysia and Australia. Our Electronic Corrosion Engineer (ECE®) software forms the basis of this work. We also draw on up-to-date supplier-capability information and material-use reviews from comparable fields.

For example, Petroleum Development Oman (PDO) asked Intetech to evaluate the production-tubing materials required for the three gas fields with varying sour conditions. This was part of a liquefied natural gas plant development. We estimated the tubing corrosion rate and evaluated the materials by reviewing international field experience and examining published data. We then designed a series of laboratory tests that examined the performance of the proposed materials and reviewed the capabilities of specialist materials suppliers.

Our comprehensive service gave PDO the information it needed, shared the experience of others and identified which companies could provide the materials.

In a separate study for PDO, tubing materials have been selected for a new, highly sour gas field with high production rates where erosion and corrosion risks had to be considered. A full life-cycle-cost calculation was included as part of the materials selection criteria.