Wood Group Intetech’s expertise has always extended to the integrity of subsea structures, pipelines and onshore and offshore production facilities.

We also apply our expertise in supporting industries outside the oil and gas sector, including power generation, carbon capture and storage, nuclear, civil engineering and process industries.

Safe operation beyond design life

Increasingly, the oil and gas industry has to deal with ageing facilities. Wood Group Intetech’s advice has been crucial to operators that have had to decide whether old equipment, ranging from individual items to complete production facilities, could continue to operate safely beyond the original design life.

Changing operating conditions

In some cases, production conditions change or are expected to change, and facilities are required to operate under conditions they were not designed for. For example, facilities may have to handle increasing levels of hydrogen sulphide; the water cut may increase; or mercury may start being produced.

If the safe extension of a facility’s design life can be justified, this is an extremely cost-effective solution. A well-founded and clearly reasoned basis for continuing the service of such equipment is critical.

We have helped companies facing these challenges by identifying where service life can be safely extended, and by also making clear the limiting conditions beyond which continued service is inadvisable.